Daler Rowney paints, postcard size on 180 gms paper…




Schmincke Horadam colors, Arches and Boesner 300gsm CP paper…


Po dolgem času spet malce veselja do prakse 😀 Dopust na Gorenjskem se pozna hehe….
Schmincke Horadam barve, Fabriano Rough 300gsm, velikost malce večja razglednica.

Wake up already !

Just befor work….Igor Trestoi colors, postcard size paper 😀

At the beach

Demo po Arnoldu Lowrey-u…Arches 300 gsm papir, 31 x 23 cm, Schmincke barve..

2 new

Prva Arches 300gsm CP, 30×15 cm, barve Schmincke, druga velikost razglednice z barvami Daler Rowney in Igor Trestoi, pa malce indian ink-a čez.

More of my watercolors…


Something is happening

Saw a ref paintinng in Geoff`s Kersey book so I did it my way a bit
Boesner 300 gsm CP paper, Schmincke Horadam paints and a joy to paint
Size….17cm x 24cm….

Some postcard size sketches…

Few new watercolors…